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Why Feminine Empowerment Is A
Catalyst For Global Change:



Clear the chaos and confusion and become unstoppable when you recognise yourself as an aspect of the divine, and powerfully claim and express your authentic self in the world



Create inner wholeness when you cultivate a divine partnership of the evolved masculine and feminine aspects within you and truly own, welcome and honour all of who you are



Magnify your power and presence when you deeply know, love and trust yourself and recognise the impact that your personal evolution can have on collective and global change

You no longer need permission,

Divine Woman.

It’s time for you to rise up and claim your divinity, your sacred work and step into the unabashed expression of your feminine divinity in action!

will amplify your impact, income and influence

Our Incredible Speakers Include:

Shae Lamond

Feminine Guidance Coach

Shae is a feminine guidance coach, speaker, retreat leader, writer and yoga teacher. Discovering Buddhism in her early teens, her spiritual journey began in the mind. Later in life, through healing her body & soul from disorder & depression, she then started to anchor her spiritual journey to her body. This discovery of harness energies of masculine (mind) & feminine (body) is what led her to eventually create ‘Claiming Feminine’, her work of leading women through their unique journey of understanding their inner masculine & feminine energy, in order to claim their power, passion, inspiration & joy for life. Shae currently lives in Bali, working remotely with women around the world and leading retreats in the mountains of this healing island.

Cheri James

Self-Development Mentor & Confidence Creator

Cheri James is a Self-Development Mentor & Confidence Creator for empowerment seekers and rising feminine leaders who are ready to rise from the ashes of fears and self-doubts and step into their fierce authentic confidence.

Michelle Pery

Leading Conscious Visionary and Spiritual Transformation Catalyst

Michelle has been sharing Energetic Healing Practices, Yoga and Meditation for over 30 years internationally. Now based in Australia, she is passionate about sharing deeper wisdom with the women in her community and empowering them to embody and walk this Life on their path of Radiance, up levelling all they meet through their pure Presence.

Megan Johnston

Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner & Kinesiologist

Megan helps women claim their worth, voice and power by alchemising their darkness into light. She believes we have an ancient wisdom within us and as we journey to the depths of our soul, we find our medicine, magic and purpose. Her mission is to empower women to become the Creatress of their own lives by embodying & birthing their souls medicine into this world so they can make a difference in their own unique way.

Rebecca Chapman

Resilience and Childhood Emotional Neglect Specialist

Rebecca’s initial work began in Kinesiology – mostly working with women and children. After 25 years working as a Kinesiologist she studied under Dr Jonice Webb and became certified in Childhood Emotional Neglect which she found filled in the missing blanks for a lot of her clients. Beyond this, she is also skilled in Mindfulness, Wellness Coaching, Energy Healing, and Therapeutic Massage. 

Nora Wendel

Feminine Magnetism Expert + Human Connection Specialist

Nora is the one of the leading worldwide experts teaching Feminine Magnetism, Human connection and Authentic Relationships to women worldwide, as an international motivational speaker she inspires 1000’s of women to get out of their own way and starting leading a life of radiance and aliveness. Known as the Queen of Events in Canggu, Bali where she lives she host multiple classes, workshops and retreats all around the theme of how we can show up powerfully for ourselves and others. Her Gypsy upbringing in Nepal and India cultivated in her a deep desire to inspire people to live extra ordinary lives filled with intimacy, joy and passion. 

Lisa Bardell

Therapist, Coach, Spiritual Healer, Womb & Trauma Specialist.

Lisa’s career path took an about turn in her mid-20s from Psychology into the fast & competitive world of Fashion Buying. After 16 years and reaching the heights of the industry, she felt somewhat jaded by life, and her health begun to suffer with an endless list of chronic stress related conditions. At 42 she immersed in several years of retraining & rebirth, her post graduate diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, advanced NLP & life coaching saw her create an Executive Coaching business in London, and a Therapeutic Coaching clinic in Cheshire. Alongside this she had felt the pull to train in Energy Psychology & Kinesiology. After a deep dive into this personal energy clearing, Lisa was catapulted into a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2014 which opened her up to her gifts of Spiritual Healing, Sacred Sound & Channelling. Today Lisa finds a way to integrate all modalities and approaches as she leads regular retreats as well as offering trainings and immersions in person and online.

Cassandra Alexander

Tech VP & Yoga Teacher

Cassandra Alexander is a yoga teacher and also the Vice President of a tech company. She has spent the past 4 years studying at Body Temple Yoga School and loves sharing the tools she has learned with her students. Cassandra is passionate about working with Women to help them reclaim their power, live an authentic life and reduce stress in their day to day lives.

Stef Ventura

Psychic Soul Alignment Coach

Stef Ventura is a Psychic Soul Alignment Coach and Leading Spiritual Teacher who supports spiritual entrepreneurs in creating their greatest level of impact, influence and income by assisting them in powerfully aligning with their soul through incredibly deep levels of healing. She supports her clients healing to allow them to truly be led by their soul in the divine work they’re here to do as heart-centered, spiritual entrepreneurs so they can be of the highest service to others and receive the most amazing and magical results possible. Stef believes this deeper healing work is the MISSING LINK in being able to successfully fulfil one’s divine soul work.

Sophie Mulheran

Founder & Head Designer

Sophia. was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2016 by a wild-hearted, barefoot dreamer – Sophie Mulheran. It was through a beautiful passion for both creativity and taking care of the wilderness that the Sophia. brand was born.
Through every little thing that we do and create, we’re dedicated to giving back to the environment and community while inspiring beautiful people from around the world to walk a little lighter…
Sophie is passionate about Sustainability and Ethicality as well as Inspiring and Empowering Women and she is the organiser of an International Women’s Day project bringing together thousands of women from around the world to tell their stories and inspire.

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