During our powerful 7 day free live retreat you will learn to:


Embody your feminine divinity and own your worth


Operate from a place of service in everything you do


Liberate your high-end high-value transformational offering


Elevate your frequency to magnetise exactly what you want – income and impact


Voice your powerful message and express your full self through your sacred work

Australia starts Monday 12th July - Sunday 18th July at 10am daily








US starts Sunday 11th July – Saturday 17th July

Europe starts Mon 12th July – Sun 18th July at the following times:

EDT: 8pm daily    |    PDT: 5pm daily    |  BST: 1am daily

Follow A Step By Step, Strategic, 7 day Roadmap to Launching and Scaling your Transformational Soul Work

for coaches, healers, practitioners and other service-based entrepreneurs who are

✔ ready to give up undercharging and overgiving, for good

✔ wanting to have the impact in this world you know you’re destined for

✔ done with trying to piece together every free course you can find on the internet

✔ ready to scale your business to multi six figures like a freakin’ priestess

What other divine women are saying…

Last month I had over 30 people sign up for my program (that’s over $30K for the month!). Eek, it actually happened and I’m having soooo much fun coaching.

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Freedom Seeker & Lifestyle Designer

“I’m experiencing myself more than ever as a magnet for money, wealth, wisdom, love, abundance and ideal clients. This is powerful beyond measure.

Clairvoyant Compass to Destiny & Practical Guide to Shadow Mastery and Conscious CoCreation

“My favourite part of working with Prue? When I trialled my brand new offer with a long-time lead and converted them to a $20K sale!!! I then went on to sell a $45K program!

8 Figure Strategist & Market Disruptor

“Prue is a master strategist. I couldn’t have launched or run such a successful first online course for 97 women from around the world without her. She is worth her weight in gold.


About Prue Blennerhassett, your host:

After completing a Bachelor of Business, Banking, Finance and International Trade, Prue joined the corporate grind. She travelled throughout Asia and to Europe, working on million-dollar accounts before building her own successful business with a team of staff and reaching 5 figures months.

She learnt to package up her brilliance in a way that offers incredible transformation for her clients very quickly. She learnt how to show up with heart and invite people into her story, into what she believes in and in to work with her. She also learnt how to connect with her divine femininity, with the depth of her emotions and to use these as gifts rather than the obstacles they’d always been before.

Now she helps other women to package their sacred work into a high-end offer that is irresistible to their ideal clients, so they can serve, shine and sell with soul while they make more money and have a greater impact in this world.

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