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Day 1 Session 1 – Prue Blennerhassett: Rewriting the rules of feminine leadership


Prue Blennerhassett – Intuitive Business Strategist & Women’s Transformation Catalyst

Women are being called all around the world to lean in, stand up and come forward to live at the edge of their highest potential and have the impact in this world we were meant for.

This requires us to integrate the parts of us we’ve been resisting, bring all of who we are forward and step powerfully into sovereign positions as leaders of light in our communities.

Connect with Prue for a free 30 minute CEO Priestess Business Impact chat to map out your sacred path to scale your impact and income: 

Day 1 Session 2 – Amanda Blennerhassett: Shine Your Light: The Key to Women’s Inequality


Amanda Blennerhassett – 8 Figure Strategist & Market Disruptor // Quantum Healer & Spiritual Mentor

So, how exactly did women become unequal? Jump into your time machine and join us for this fascinating deep dive into history, as we mythbust and piece together the slippery slope to women’s inequality and more importantly, what we can do restore equality once again, in “Shine Your Light: The Key to Women’s Inequality” with multi-award-winning Strategist, Amanda Blennerhassett, from Brand Savvy Consulting.

Connect with Amanda and download your 7 Steps to Disrupt Your Market & Turn Your Brand Purpose Into Profit:

Day 1 Session 3 – Jennifer Clay – Aligning your truths with your life, and alchemizing it into your encore career.


Jennifer Clay – Spiritual lifestyle alignment coach & encore business architect

In this powerful presentation, Jennifer Clay… Leading Life Alchemist and Mind.Body.Spirit Alignment Coach shares her deep wisdom on true transformation and uncovering your purpose through the energetic signature of Archetypes. Using her knowledge and experience gained from over 2 decades of immersion in the Spiritual and Personal Development Arena and armed with in-depth study & certification through Deepak Chopra, Davidji and The Chopra Center for Well-being, this is information & inspiration you don’t want to miss!

Connect with Jenn and book your 30 Minutes to Clarity call. A 1:1 session to breakdown who you are, how you want to feel, and how I can support you in your next steps to transformation:

Day 1 Session 4 – Sonna Johns – The POWER in self-love


Sonna Johns – Truth Embodiment Coach

Self-care and compassion is needed for those of us who work too hard and who are constantly striving to surpass ourselves by being perfect in everything we do and putting too much effort into pleasing others. Stop feeling guilty about taking care of ‘You.’ You are worthy of taking time to get to know yourself. Honor yourself by listening to your mind, body and soul. When you cultivate how to love and accept yourself unconditionally, that’s where the real power is and that is how you will thrive like never before.

Connect with Sonna and book your free 30 minute Soul Clarity Call:

Day 1 Session 5 – Phoebe Leona – Break Free From the Stories You Think Your Body is Telling You

Phoebe Leona – Founder, Creator, Author & Transformational Guide

This hour session will offer a new way of seeing and experiencing the body on an energetic level to begin to liberate the old stories we want to release and become aware the new stories in our bodies that want to be seen, heard, and felt. Phoebe shares a sample of her Mvt109 practice that is a somatic (of the body) practice that guides you to see a more yourself on an expansive and expressive level. There will be a short talk along with a short meditation, breath, journaling, and gentle movement practice.

Connect with Phoebe and take the quiz – What’s Your Unique Path to Living Your Best Life in 2022? A quiz to discover your unique path for 2022 and receive a few freebie practices to help you live your best life, because you deserve it!:

Day 1 Session 6 – Jimmie Lene Read – Awakening to a Higher Love

Jimmie Lene Read – Elemental Wayfinder

She helps women turn their crisis into their calling by bringing them back into their bodies where their connection to nature is. What she knows for sure is that women are power houses! And when a woman is connected to her sense-uality, she is unstoppable.

Connect with Jimmie and book a one hour Awakening call where she will guide you on an ancient pathway to begin merging with your authenticity and the reclamation of all of who you are:

Day 1 Session 7 – Annette Keat – Energise YOU

Annette Keat – Medical Intuitive & Emotional Healer

The ENERGISE Method is based on the in body energy centers to help you activate the energy within to guide you to transform and pave your epic life.

Connect with Annette access her free Meditation Basics teaching or book a call to dive deeper:

Day 1 Session 8 – Annette Baulch  – The Power of Yoni- Learn to Access Your Feminine Body’s Innate Wisdom, Power, Pleasure, Beauty, Joy and Magic to Enhance Your Own Energy, Motivation and Power in Work, Pleasure and Play.


Annette BaulchShame shifting catalyst, sexual visionary and Goddess of Love

Access the Power of Your Yoni! Discover the divine secret hidden deep in your body that magically unlocks the unlimited love, pleasure, power, creativity, wisdom, joy, fun and freedom you need to make your life, relationships, business, career and more become what you dream of.

Connect with Annette and book your Are You Ready to Access the Power of Your Yoni 1×30 min Discovery Call. (The first 5 callers that sign up for a Discovery call will receive a Divinely Delicious Self Care Practice just for you!):

Day 2 Session 9 – Lisa Stromsmoe – Sacred Ritual for Tapping into Pleasure

Lisa Stromsmoe – Sacred Ritual for Tapping into Pleasure

Hello gorgeous beings of light!
The intention for this ritual is to access pleasure in our bodies and embrace the rhythms of our essential nature and feminine sensuality while invoking the element of water. The Water element is associated with our emotions and promotes love, healing, peace, compassion, reconciliation, forgiveness, friendship, and de-stressing. This is a journey that will help you to get out of your head and into your pleasure body by activating your senses and delicious emotions. Enjoy!

Please bring:
A chalice, goblet or bowl of water (saltwater preferable).
An object from or that reminds you of the ocean or sea.
Choose an essential oil – Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lemon, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Ylang-Ylang – to enhance the Water element.

Looking forward to this pleasurable experience with you!
xo Lisa Joy

Connect with Lisa  and apply for your FREE Sensuality Siren Chat!

If you’re ready to lean into and clarify your most present and alive desire for creating more pleasure in your life, I invite you to book in for a free 30-minute Sensuality Siren Chat. You’ll leave the call feeling deeply connected to your desire and your body, knowing exactly what to do next to step into your vision of pleasure.

Day 2 Session 10 – Sheralee Knowles – Reclaim your sovereign power to live life in FULL colour

Sheralee Knowles – Leading wellbeing alchemist and transformational life coach

Reclaim your sovereign power to live life in FULL colour. Tune in to reflect on your ideal life and how to uplevel to what your dreams are made of! Take a Life Pulse check in questionnaire to gain insights for your Heart Compass to find the way forward.

Connect with Sheralee to book a FREE 30min “Heart Compass Check-in” call today!

Day 2 Session 11 – Christina Barthelemy – Ways that women can shift their perception of themselves through feng shui

Christina Barthelemy – High Vibe Visionary, Soul Work Activator & Space Clearing Priestess

In this presentation, we’ll be exploring the magic of Feng Shui and learn how you can transform your life and upgrade your self-image and break through limiting beliefs by making simple, yet powerful changes in your home.

Connect with Christina and download your “Manifest With Feng Shui – Learn How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Home to Attract Blessings, Bliss & Abundance”.

Day 2 Session 12 – Penny Grandy – Triumph over your trauma to empower your feminine leadership

Penny Grandy – Trauma Therapist

Trauma comes in many disguises…. Anxiety, depression, stress, anger, fear, guilt, grief and addiction to name a few.
And when left unattended, this can affect our ability as leaders to feel empowered to really make an impact and step into the fullness of our potential.

It’s possible to free yourself from the emotional triggers of past distressing events with gentle hypnosis and to take control of your life and become the person you always wanted to be.

Connect with Penny and book your free 30 minute Emotional Freedom chat today to chart out your path to freedom

Day 2 Session 13 – Sheli Bowman – The Future of Alternative Healing: Wellness 3.0 meets Web 3.0

Sheli BowmanConscious Business Strategist and CEO of Heal.Art CEO of Heal.Art The Future of Alternative Healing:

Our Mission is to build a conscious global community of healers and artists to promote their gifts and bring well-being to 1 billion people worldwide.


Connect with Sheli and more

Day 2 Session 14 – Iris Angellys – Leadership with the Divine Feminine: A new definition of success

Iris AngellysQueen of Divine Feminine Empowerment and Multidimensional Magic

When we look at the so-called leaders at the top of industry and government, we see that there are some traits that they have in common. And we have been used to leadership being a top-down affair, leading entities driven solely by profit.
We have now reached a point where the cost to both humans and planet is clearly too high.
It is time for a new kind of leadership to emerge, a leadership informed by the Divine Feminine.
Women have the qualities required for this new kind of leadership in abundance, but sadly, most women are unaware of it.
This presentation will show you what the new leadership is like, that you are already a leader, and what success in this paradigm is.


Connect with Sheli and get 50% off group workshop; for first 10 people interested, free book (just pay for postage, must order via email)

Day 2 Session 15 – Megan Johnston – Children are our Future – Belonging

Megan Johnston Megan Johnston Kinesiology – Leading Soul Activator for Children

Megan Johnston leading Soul Activator for children, presents on raising children as leaders to leave a legacy and uplift humanity. All children deserve to know they are worthy of their dreams.


Connect with Megan and book your 30 minute Soul Chat, an invitation for you to connect heart to heart, share your journey & open to the magic & possibilities we can co-create together

Day 2 Session 16 – Christine Watts – 5D feminine leadership – cracking the codes of mission and purpose

Christine Watts Sacred Sound Healer and Soul Blueprint Activator, (For Women and Children.)

5D Feminine Leadership. Cracking the codes of mission and purpose.
Women around the globe are hearing the call.
The sacred call of their soul to move into the new ways of living, loving, being and doing business. Of doing things not only differently, yet from a whole new frequency and resonance. (By tuning into your heart and soul!)

When a woman focuses deeply and profoundly on connecting to her soul and soul’s mission and purpose, the truth of her soul’s desires, she opens the doors to bringing heaven to earth. To bringing the invisible to the visible. To living and loving from the reality that is the 5th dimension. To finally bringing her dreams and visions into the physical world.
With more peace. More ease. And more harmony.

Ladies…… it’s time to connect, align and thrive!


Connect with Christine and download your The Harmonic Heart Healer Right of Passage Activation. 

Doubled her prices then increased another 30%, high level, soul aligned clients and OWNING HER GIFTS!

The incredible CEO Priestess and Clairvoyant Compass to Destiny, Michelle Granieri Taylor shares about her experience in CEO Priestess Academy.

Sold a $7K 6 month package in April, a $9K sale in June and again in August without officially launching yet!!!

Landed 2 clients before she even shared her offering, had a woman sign up to her 3 month $4K program and presented a masterclass to that woman’s community!

Wahoooo, go Jennifer Arwen-Clay ? ✨bring it on, priestess!!!From running a multi million dollar hair salon, with certifications from Wayne Dyer, Davidji, shamanism and more…The divine CEO Priestess, leading Life Alchemist and Intuitive Spiritual Translator Jennifer Arwen-Clay shares about her experience of crafting HER sacred work.

£42K within 2 months of joining CEO Priestess Academy…

After selling a bespoke 32K pounds package (and 10K pounds package a few weeks before) AND welcoming in 2 incredible new team members. Leading Peak Performance Expert and Happiness & Success Strategist, Natalie Rae sharing about her pathway to success as a CEO Priestess. She was sitting where you are in our EVOLVE Retreat earlier this year!

Erin Bradley: on launching her group program and making $40K in one month

‘I made my investment back with Prue in a few short weeks with the launch of my beta 6-week group program. A masterclass participant introduced me to the owner of her company who’s been looking to bring a coach into his 100+ person team. I’m speaking to the whole company tomorrow, then working on bulk pricing for my 6-week program and beyond. Insane!!

 if you can’t find a time that suits your timezone, email us at [email protected]

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